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Poster: SFSpearit Date: Aug 26, 2004 9:00am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Grateful Dead sound quality

Regardless of what band members said it I find it an offensive statement. (hence talking smack) I think the rest of the band was wrong to have said it. As you said, is pure speculation what he loved and did not. Sure Jerry was a junkie, No doubt about it. I would never try to white wash that, But to say he loved the drug more than music is a serious charge that demeans his life as a musician. He died in Rehab! This means he was trying to clean up his act. I can only imagine that perhaps his love of music, (or even the band for that matter) may have played a factor in his decision to clean up.
Jerry had a disease (drug addiction) As a recovering drunk I understand some of it. My father was an active alcholic all his life. I would not say he loved drinking more than he loved his family. I would say he had a disease that prevented him from demonstarting his love. I know the love he had in his heart, the addiction got in the way of that. The bands comments on this strike me as ignorant and hurtful. Not much better than Rush Limbaugh saying "just another dead doper" I lost a lot of respect for the band members after that statment.

Finally I do think if JGB had done a 95 tour if the Dead were off, but it would have been less stressful for him. There would not have been the same pressures. After all he had hundreds of people depending on him for their wellbeing. The JGB needs would not have been so great. What difference this whould have made who knows but I think Jer needed some time away from the GD.

I miss him so much. The world is much poorer for his passing.

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Poster: glenn Date: Aug 26, 2004 10:47am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Grateful Dead sound quality

We are 'in violent agreement', I appreciate all of what you've said and agree with most of it. Jerry will be greatly missed even by people that never met him.

To continue this squabble we would be vultures.